Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Read our terms & conditions good before renting a bicycle

    • 1.1. all bicycles will be collected and delivered in the established schedule ranging from 09:00 to 14:00 and in the afternoon in the evening from 21:00 to 22:00 From Monday to Friday
    • 1.2. the minimum rental period is one day.
    • 1.3. the material will be returned complete and in the same State where he surrendered to the customer. The cost for the repair or replacement of the bicycle and in case of theft and/or material will be borne by the customer. The customer shall inform the landlord, damage caused in the material or the poor functioning of the same. Customer is obliged to take good care and take all necessary precautions to protect bikes and rental equipment from damage, loss or theft. Produce any of the above situations during the rental period, customer will assume immediately the full replacement costs caused to rate or market price according to the lessor provided or the part to replace. At the end of the period of rent landlord, determine the conditions of delivery of the rented material and valued given the case, the loss or damage.

The client is obliged at all times to properly secure with padlock and safety chain the bike/s when do not have them in sight (the padlock through the box, saddle and wheels and tie the bike still pole fixed to the ground or bike parking).

  • 1.4. the lessee declares to be in perfect health condition, be capable of riding a bike and possess the necessary control of the rented equipment.
  • 1.5. in this Act the tenant gives the landlord, a deposit from 200 euros to 3000 euros that amount is set by the value of the bicycle/equipment in our website, that amount will be used to answer any damages caused on the bicycle during the rental period or theft, the deposit will be refunded after the bicycle is fully checked in maximum time of 30 days. In the event of loss or theft of the bicycle, the lessor will lose every right to bail, must immediately communicate this circumstance. In addition, should compensate the tenant with the full actual value of the bicycle amount. Security deposit can be done cash or with a credit card, in case that the security deposit is higher that 500 euros the company will only accept Credit card Pre-Authorization.
  • 1.6.InsuranceThe bike is not insured, Spanish insurance companies will not insure rental bikes. So the bike is your responsibility if it is stolen or damaged. in the event of non-payment of the actual value of the bicycle/s, you will be prosecuted to the court.  Please cheque with your insurance company before you come. Some have also insurance in their credit card. Don’t leave the bike at the street or outside restaurants unguarded. Have it also inside your apartment both in night and day. If the bike is stolen you must give a report to Guardia Civil. GC in Torrevieja they have English translator The rent of bicycle/s does not include secure own damage, so the renter is liable for all damages of material or personnel who may suffer. The rental is done with the corresponding insurance coverage of RC which covers all damage caused by origin of the rental to third parties, persons or property. It is the responsibility of the client and his / companion/s respect Spanish traffic rules and drive carefully and respect pedestrians.
  • 1.7. cancellation policy is as follows:
    • Up to 4 weeks before the event or hire date – 15% administration charge.
    • Up to 2 weeks before the event or hire date – 50% of the value of the hire.
    • Up to 5 days before the event or hire date – 100% of the value of the hire.
  • Last minute cancellation because of the coronavirus
    • Option 1: Change your date, We will give you a cupon code with the rental value that you can use anytime.
    • Option 2: Ask refund, in case of refund we will charge 10% of the rental value, that included administration and bank transfer cost.

Modifications to the website:

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customer data terms and conditions

The data provided by the client, will be used exclusively for the proper provision of the service, and may request, in accordance with the law, their access, rectification, cancellation or opposition by means of communication by any means to the landlord. This agreement is governed by Spanish law.